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Bistro & Dinner Club

About us

Samuel Dominguez began his culinary adventure from his birth place in Argentina, the “Beef Capital of the World," where cattle are revered. Guided by his grandfather, Samuel learned to butcher and prepare various cuts of beef. At the tender age of 10, Samuel became a Gaucho, one of the most honorable and skillful professions in Argentina.

Gauchos are rugged cowboys who settled the fertile Argentinian lowlands to tend vast herds of cattle descended from steers brought to Argentina by conquistadors in 1536. At 13 years old, Samuel moved to Miami, FL, and began working with a popular pastry chef, which set him on a path of learning a myriad of culinary skills under some of the best Michelin Star Chefs: seafood, pastry, French, Italian, and American. The Lowcountry of South Carolina offered the chance to work with freshly caught, local seafood, which Chef Samuel says is “the best in the world.”

Chef has come back to his generational roots and is preparing his own creations at his family owned and operated restaurant, Maestro Bistro & Dinner Club.


“During my 40 years doing stories on the TODAY Show, I traveled America's back roads-- more than 4 million miles-- sampling the best food this country has to offer. If Chef Sam Dominguez and his wife, Arielle, had opened Maestro Bistro & Dinner Club long ago, I might never have gone beyond Greenville, South Carolina. All of us at my table ordered something different. Everyone raved about their meals. Maestro features gourmet cooking with a family feel. Each dish evokes a life memory and sparks a story.

This new restaurant will make you homesick for a place you've never been.

-Bob D.

Argentinian-infused French Cuisine
A tasteful, fine dining experience

Maestro is a family-owned, Argentinian style restaurant situated in the heart of Downtown Greenville. Many guests who appreciate our fine dining experience are repeat members of our luxurious Dinner Club. At Maestro, everyone is welcome. We pride ourselves on quality professionalism, exquisite taste and a touch of class. There's a seat at the table for you.

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